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We’ve got many videos showing off various litters, temperament exhibitions, and some just generally showing off some of our excellent dogs. Enjoy, and please subscribe to our Youtube channel!
Puppies 10/19/2011
Bella do Lionsden Bitework
Capone do Lionsden Bitework
Marley & Donna Bitework/ Litter Promo
Our Males
Our Females
Butch do Lionsden Bitework
Puppies 2/18/2014 #1
Puppies 2/18/2014 #2
Puppies 2/18/2014 #3
Puppies 2/18/2014 #4
Butch & Sheeva Pups 3/1/2013
Butch & Sheeva Pups 3/1/2013
Haggar & Bandit Pups 8/19/2011
Pups by the Pool
Fawn Puppy Play