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The Fila is so much more than just one of the best protection dogs, they’re simply unsurpassed as a family dog. “Luis, 6/2/12 Wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy we are with our Fila that we bought from you. We are also very happy and thank you for all the time you have spent on the phone when we have questions. Back to our Fila, we call him Zeke, and he is everything we expected him to be and more. He is a wonderful family dog as well as a great protector of our home and family. I travel quite a bit and my wife and I wanted a dog that would be protective when I am away, what we got was way more than expected in that he loves to play with the family but also is very aware and will be all business when he needs to be. He is the smartest dog we have ever owned and even though our other dogs when let out in the front yard will chase after other dogs, Zeke will not leave my wife's side. It is also interesting to note that when Zeke is with my wife and I am not, he turns up his role a notch and becomes more aware and protective. That is exactly what we wanted. As you can see from the pictures, he is doing well and once again, thank you very much for the new addition to our family. “ Pete and Brooks Johnson
4/27/12 We just got these fantastic pictures from Sonya H. and we’re just so extremely proud to show them off! Another example of how great the Fila is with children and how amazing they are as a family dog.
Hello,   5/28/2012 You may not remember me, but back in May 2004, I (and my parents) bought one of your puppies from your Bella & Blackjack litter... I named him Jango. He was my best friend, and indeed one of the best dogs I have ever had the pleasure of owning. You (Sr. Yanez) weren't exaggerating when you said that they (Filas) were superior to the many excellent dog breeds out there. I can say that my 8 years with Jango proved this to be true.   It grieves me to tell you that back in March of this year, (3/06/12) he had to be put down due to a sudden onset of bloat. I miss him terribly.... You have my expressed permission to post this email and my enclosed photo of my beloved Jango on your website. Sincerely, Julian R. Thueringer of Spokane, Washington P.S. Your newer photos of your dogs and puppies brought back so many sweet memories, please keep posting them.
Testimonials and client updates...
Hi Luis & Julie,         9/2/09   Just an update on Hank.  He's doing great, all his characteristics remind of Luke which I always thought were Luke's personality but now I know it's the breed.  Very very special dogs!  Hank has made friends with my female yellow lab Bailey but the other two labs don't want anything to do with him which really ticks him off so he barks at them (he's funny).  He goes down to the barn with me when the horses are turned out in the pasture, he's very bold and curious about the horses he wants to go in with them but just to dangerous for him so he is only allowed when there not in the barn until he has some training.   He's been sleeping with Mike and the last couple of nights because he breaks out of his kennel and comes to our room, we purchased a crate and are going to try that tonight ( we also will be using ear plugs LOL) Need a place for him at night to sleep until he gets house broke. We are very happy we found you guys  Thanks for giving our family the opportunity to own one of the best breeds I've ever had.   I've attached a couple of pictures, there not the greatest shots, I promise to keep in touch and thanks again.   Brenda
Hi Luis, 10/19/09 Here are some pictures from today, I tried to get him when he was rubbing in the trees but he wouldn't stay still.  The rubbing in the trees is a Fila thing, Luke used to stand in the trees and rub his body on the branches and Hank does the same thing.  WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH!  I weighed him today he's 57 lbs and growing everyday.  He is learning fast and getting lots of exercise.  He is wore out right now and snoring in his bed. I'll update more soon.  And please feel free to call anytime to see how he is doing! Brenda
Hi Luis,     2/28/10 I don't know if Mike measured him right?  When I measured him I saw 28 inches, my son says 29?  It's very hard to get him to hold still and  hold a tape measure, he wants to keep moving away. Anyway it doesn't matter he is one BEAUTIFUL dog! We love him very much and he's my best buddy.  My son Dylan took a picture of him standing up on me it's kinda blurry but it might give you an idea of his size, I'm 5 .6 he's a big dog.  Look forward to talking to you soon. Brenda
Hi Luis,        4/29/10 Here are the pictures from the Bark for Life event held on April 17, 2010 in Oakdale, California. The event was hosted by the Believing For A Cure Team/ Relay for Life. There were an estimated 250 people and 75 dogs in attendance at the event staged at Shire Park. The event was designed for people and their dogs to come together to raise funds for the American Society's Relay for Life  in a pet-friendly environment. With donations of 4000 from the Bark for Life event and the Relay for Life walk a total of $223,000 was raised.  We were very proud to show off our hansom dogs and introduce the breed. We were stopped numerous times by people asking us what kind of dogs they were and how gorgeous they are. We all had a great day and the dogs were fantastic! Thank you again for your donation and support for such a great cause. Brenda, Della & Greg
*Brenda’s second Lionsden Pup! Hi Luis,      5/5/10 We’re very happy with our pup, she is beautiful and very smart, were looking forward to watching her grow. Hank is still unsure and jealous but he is getting used to her being around.  We just have to keep a watchful eye at all times to make sure she is safe.  Thanks for everything and will send more pictures soon.   Best wishes, Brenda
Hi Luis,      6/21/12 Just letting you know how happy we are with our Lionsden dogs !!!!! Here is Rubi swimming in the pond, Rubi and Hank love the water, can't keep them out of the pond. They are both amazing swimmers : ) Can't say enough about the two of them. Thank you for 2 amazing Fila's ♥ Brenda  (Hank is weighing 180 lbs)
Our Fila Brasileiros are achieving so much! This hansom boy was purchased by Kim, whom works with foster and special needs children with the Los Angeles County. His name is Samson and he is scheduled to complete his training for therapy and service this Summer. We're so incredibly proud of our dogs achievements and capabilities, and this is very special to us. Check out the lovely e-mail we received from Kim: "Hi All, I hope you remember me I got a 7 month old fawn male from you last October. I just wanted to tell you that he has been everything I ever hoped for and is so smart and about the sweetest dog who ever lived!! He is almost finished with over half of his training (it usually takes 1 1/2 yrs to 2 yrs to have the dogs completely certified for both therapy and service. Because I got Sam a little older we were able to start immediately with all of his training and he should be certified by the end of the summer. He has been working with the kids in foster care a lot lately and everyone just loves him. He is also an amazing family dog has is a big clown and keeps us laughing all the time! Sometimes I am working in the roughest areas in LA and I'm never afraid with Samson beside me, I know he would do anything to keep me safe. Please let me know if this is a good email address and I will send you more photos! Thank you so much for a great friend and partner!!! Kim F."
Samson with a Foster child.
Brenda Tobey just got her FIFTH Lionsden pup from us! Here she is with her daughter and friend playing with their new family member on the right. We know she’s going to have a wonderful time with this gorgeous pup.
“I bought a puppy from Lionsden about two months ago and we love him. My 5 year old grandson is his best friend. They did everything they said they would do no hassles no problems and I live in Texas. Great people and dogs you can't go wrong.” -James P.
“Tyler with our new family addition. Bear is 3 months old now and he loves playing with Tyler. “
“They are best friends and Bear is a great dog. Hard headed just like his friend.”