We’ve got loads of fantastic litters coming up this next season! And with that, we need to make some room. Below you’ll find some excellent pups that clearly retain the Filas Lionsden level of quality that we’re so proud of. Unless otherwise stated, all of these discounted pups have excellent Show Potential! If you’d like some more information, give us a call or e-mail us! 818 299 0885 Click here for E-Mail Form or send your inquiry to FilasLionsden@hotmail.com Born March 6, 2012 Parents: Igor is a very hansom fawn male with excellent temperament and a gorgeous head with long ears. More info and pictures are coming soon. Capeta/Igor - Female #1 Price: $1,500 Status: Available Born January 3, 2012 Parents: Bionda is out of a World Champion Young Female of the same name, whom earned World Champion at the World Dog Show in Portugal in June 2001 (judge: Dr Sergio Castro, from Brazil). She also won Best in Show Female, on February 8 of 2003 at the Specialty Fila Show in Mexico City. Bionda/Guapur - Female #1 Price: $1,500 Status: Available Born August 26, 2011 Parents: Bandit, sired by Sharkaun and Coco is an incredibly athletic male that gives credence to the name "Lionsden" because he moves like the King of the jungle. He surpasses Marley in height, and is also very thick boned. Sombra is a daughter of Marley and the Mexican Champion female Lula. A dark brindle female with a very strong temperament and simply gorgeous features. Sombra/Bandit - Female #1 Price: $1,500 Status: Available Sombra/Bandit Female #2 Price: $1,500 Status: Available Born September 5th, 2011 Parents: This awesome female is extremely muscular, powerful, structurally correct with very thick bone, plenty of skin and she exhibits excellent Fila Temperament (strong OJERIZA). And check out that head! Very typie. Tosca is out of Edu Pedro & Victoria. Sharkaun is a very hansom, athletic male, and sire to Bandit II. As of 6/22/11 he weighs approximately 160lbs, and he's very thick boned. Tara/Bandit III -  Male #1 (Pet Quality, unbreedable) Price: $1,000 Status: Available Tosca/Sharkaun- Female #1 Price: $1,500 Status: Available Born March 5, 2012 Parents Tara do Lionsden is a littermate to Marley, one of our most popular Males. As you can see she’s quite large for a female, and with an incredibly strong Ojeriza. She’s a gorgeous female and these pups are definitely going to show where they come from. Bandit III is out of Sombra and Bandit II, and is an incredibly athletic, beautiful looking male black male with hansom long ears and a beautiful head. Osiris/Igor - Male #1 Price: $1,500 Status: Available Osiris/Igor - Male #2 Price: $1,500 Status: Available Born March 3, 2012 Parents: This is an excellent breeding out of Osiris and Igor, two wonderful Filas with excellent Fila temperament. Igor is a very large male, as you can see on his profile page here. He weighs 180 lbs. Osiris is a beautiful female with a gorgeous head. More pictures of Osiris are coming soon.